Remaining Friends?

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Friends, Love
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English: me and my friend

English: me and my friend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I’ve written about how to ditch a friend when it’s a one way street, but how do you stay a friend after you have a one way crush, or confess feelings are they are not returned.

This is a very hard situation one that many friendships never overcome. Many times the person that is the object of your affection does not feel that way for what could be many reasons. If it is not retuned and it starts to risk the breakup of your friendship, there are things that you can do it help salvage the entire friendship.

One of those things that can really help in these situations is by thinking that your love for them is really about their happiness and that you will always love them. But that love can still be felt as friends only, and that if they are happy even if it’s not with you romantically you will be happy for them.

One of the things that you can really do is sit down and talk with your friend and explain your feelings to them, and if you dare, you can ask why they don’t feel the same. Some times this can lead to finding out the status of the entire friendship. Many times it will also give you insight into how they view you as a person as well. Also one of the things that you do want to make sure is that if this is a one way street, you can not push or you will risk your entire friendship.

One of my friends once told me…

That it was better to be friends then nothing at all.

She’s totally right. Sometimes if you love them and you care that strongly for them, are they worth waiting for? Are they worth the wait, and investment of being a good friend? If you truly love this person you will wait for them forever if you have to, and you will always be the best of friends with them.

This is a conversation that you ideally don’t want to do over the phone, or by text messages/facebook messages. You would want to do this in person as you would be able to judge the sincerity of the friend involved. Sometimes when this situation get’s to the point that your friend has lost respect for you, there is a lot of pain that might have to be resolved.

The last thing that you can do if you find yourself in this situation is be honest with yourself and with your friend. And ask them to be honest with you too, if you find that you have been crossing the line from friend to you can certainly ask your friend to remind you ever time that you do it so that you become aware of doing it.

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